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Hello, I’m Annamarie.

Welcome to Reiki Pure and Simple. I became a Reiki Master Teacher over a year ago, having twenty years experience in beauty and holistic therapy. I trained in Reiki following a period of ill health that left me with neurological problems. At that time I was unable to carry out basic tasks unaided. I discovered Reiki as a consumer and it completely changed my life, leading me to a full recovery from my symptoms. I loved Reiki so much I decided to train in it. I am excited to be offering this amazing treatment to you from my home based treatment room in Wigston, Leicestershire.

Reiki is a traditional Japanese healing art, it works through life force energy, this is the energy that is found in all living things. Rei is translated from the Japanese to mean Universal; Ki is translated to mean energy. Reiki balances the energy centres within the body, allowing energy to flow freely and encouraging the body to use its own ability to heal itself. Everyone can benefit from Reiki.

Reiki works with the individual to rebalance the energy flow and promote good health. Reiki is not allied with any belief system, it is completely natural and there are no contra-indications to its use. Reiki is available to everyone and will always work for the highest benefit to the individual. Reiki is the ultimate in relaxation and self-care.

Reiki is used widely in the UK and across the world in both medical and hospice settings. There have been many clinical trials involving Reiki, particularly in the treatment of Cancer. If you wish to find out more, articles can be found using the following links:





More articles can be found at:

Home – ClinicalTrials.gov
CRR – The Center for Reiki Research

You may also be interested to watch this YouTube video of Dr Sheldon Feldman, Head of Breast Surgery at New York – Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center on how he uses Reiki in his work.


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