How it Works

Reiki is channeled to a client by a Reiki Practitioner or Master. During their training they have become permanently attuned to Reiki, they channel Reiki to the client by using light touch, hands are placed on the body; and close touch – hands are placed near to the body.

What to Expect

When you attend for a treatment you will have a consultation which will include a medical history and a consent for treatment form. I will then explain the treatment to you. You will remain fully clothed during the treatment. I will ask you to either lie upon the treatment couch or to sit on a chair if that is your preference. You will be made comfortable and asked to relax. Blankets, pillows and bolsters are provided to ensure your comfort. I will take you through a transition process and guide you with some deep breathing techniques. Then I will introduce Reiki energy and will bring the energy through the energy centres (Chakras) within the body.

During this time you will feel deep relaxation. Some clients experience a sinking feeling whilst others feel as though they are floating. Some clients experience sensations of heat, prickling or even coldness, this is all completely normal and is part of the treatment. Many clients experience a visual awareness of colours. Some clients experience none of the above and that is also perfectly fine. Reiki interacts with each person differently so your experience will be unique to you. Reiki will always act for your highest benefit, the energy is intelligent and will act accordingly, often in ways you couldn’t anticipate. What we see is the results of Reiki with clients experiencing a calmness and reporting both lightness and feeling energised following treatment.

After treatment

It is a good idea to have a light schedule after a Reiki Session, ideally you will want to stay in a state of relaxation for a period following treatment. It is also recommended to drink plenty of water following Reiki. You may wish to journal your experience or any feelings that may arise for the next few days, especially if deep healing has taken place. Regular sessions of Reiki are recommended to maintain a state of well-being and personalised advice can be given on this following treatment.

I look forward to welcoming you for your treatment soon.

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