“Thank you so much for our session, I never expected to feel what I did. At the beginning of the session when I began to relax, I felt a tingling on the upper part of my body which continued down the whole of my body. When you began to talk about my parents, the tears started to come; I didn’t feel sad, but had no control. I continued to feel calm.

The whole experience was a calm and relaxing experience and nothing what I expected. I have struggled for three years to accept the loss of both parents and have felt guilt and can’t think beyond the way they both died, forgetting all the good times. As I write this I don’t feel like I need to cry, which normally I would do, so whatever you did, must have had some sort of effect on me and if it continues I can’t thank you enough, you are truly amazing. Thank you.”

(Jackie, Distance Reiki Pure)

“Thank you so much for an amazing session. At first I started off seeing like a sage green colour moving into dark blues and purples. I felt like I was paralysed and couldn’t move, sunken into the bed. I started off with a warm feeling in my neck moving into my shoulders down both arms and slowly into the bottom of my back. My feet were freezing and as you began to move down my body I could see a bright white light almost as if appearing through clouds. After you had finished talking I felt my legs were shaky and I was cold.

All four sessions were amazing; experiencing different experiences every time from a range of different colours to bright white lights as if the sun was coming through the clouds, a sinking feeling deep into my bed, tingling hands, heat in the back of my neck back and tops of my legs – at one point felt like I couldn’t move my body and twice I have experienced a deep mediative state where it took me a few moments to come around. I loved every moment of it and can’t wait until September. Thank you Annamarie.”

(Nicky, Distance Reiki Pure)

“When I had my first Reiki session I was not sure what to expect. I listened to the instructions and closed my eyes. Annamarie told me about the white light I might see. I tried to concentrate on the white light but only could see a pink light. Annamarie said that was good and you might see different lights for different situations. The next session I felt a warm feeling near my stomach for a couple of minutes and then it disappeared. The last session I felt my legs and arm feel cold and after the session my legs and arms felt warm again. I could see a yellow and turquoise colour light when I was doing my Reiki session. I have noticed that my shoulders have felt lighter throughout these sessions and I am looking forward to doing it in person in September.”

(Lisa, Distance Reiki Pure)

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