Train with Me

As a Reiki Master Teacher I am able to train students in the art of Reiki.

There are Four levels of Reiki training:

Reiki Level I – Shoden or Attunement and First Teachings. At this level you can use Reiki for self-healing. People also use Level One Reiki to treat family members and pets.

Reiki Level II – Okuden – Inner Teachings. At this level you become a practitioner, you can use Reiki on others and on their pets.

Reiki Level III – Shinpiden – Mystery Teachings. At this level you can practice as a Master but have not learned the final part of learning to attune others. This is only necessary if you wish to teach Reiki.

Reiki Level IV – Reiki Master Certification and attunement training, you can practice and teach others.

Training is given in a small group or 1:1 basis at various points throughout the year. In person training is given along with a training manual and ongoing support as required.

All Reiki practice and teaching is based on the five precepts set by Mikao Usui.

The five precepts of Reiki:

Just for today – Do not anger

Just for today – Do not worry

Honour your Parents, Teachers and Elders

Earn your living Honestly

Show gratitude to Every Living Thing.

Mikao Usui August 15th 1865 – March 9th 1926

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