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All in-person treatments are 50 minutes including consultation.

You remain clothed during all treatments. Please note, if booking Reiki with Colour you should wear white clothing.

Reiki Pure – £ 35

I use Usui Reiki. This is a traditional Japanese method of energetic healing. It uses the body’s own innate ability to heal itself by bringing the Chakra’s into alignment with the mind, body and soul. Reiki heals on an emotional, spiritual, mental and physical level. There are no contra-indications to treatment and this can be used as a compliment to existing medication or treatment.

Reiki with Crystals – £ 40

Usui Reiki with the additional placement of crystals on or near the Chakras to intensify Chakra balancing. Each crystal is selected to correspond with each Chakra according to the crystal’s own properties.

Reiki with Colour – £40

Usui Reiki with the additional benefits of colour. Every colour has its own vibration and wave length. Coloured silks are placed on the body to correspond with the Chakras. Please wear White clothing.

Reiki with Sound – £40

Usui Reiki with the additional benefits of sound therapy. I use tuning forks on the Solfeggio music scale, the vibrations from the tuning forks stimulate and balance the Chakras. Unsuitable during pregnancy or if fitted with a cardiac pacemaker.

Introductory Offer – £25

Try your first full session of Reiki Pure for the special discounted price.

Distance Reiki Pure – £22.49

30 minutes of pure Usui Reiki. This is sent by appointment for you to receive in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you. Reiki utilises universal life force energy. Energy is not bound by time or space, therefore can be received in any location. Distance Reiki is sent using an avatar of the recipient (please see photos below) the effect is the same as in-person Reiki. Payment is taken 24 hours in advance for distance Reiki.

All personal information taken during consultation is confidential and is stored securely, it will never be given to any third party or used for any purposes other than for your treatment. I am fully insured, registered with professional bodies and DBS checked.

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