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Angelic Reiki

I’ve recently qualified as an Angelic Reiki practitioner and I wanted to share with you the process and journey of this. What are the differences if any, between Reiki and Angelic Reiki, and what might you experience as a result?

Let me first take you on my Reiki journey so far…

A couple of years ago I kept hearing the word Reiki, I kept seeing signs or adverts for Reiki, the thought I must go for Reiki kept popping into my head and this had been going on for some time. I had been on the cusp of booking a Reiki appointment when the world got plunged into the Covid Pandemic. As I knew nothing about Reiki, I failed to realise I could still schedule an appointment and receive Reiki distantly. During the pandemic I became really ill, not with Covid but from a type of PTSD surrounding childhood trauma. Whether the stress of the pandemic triggered something I don’t know, but I began suffering with neurological issues which culminated in debilitating seizures. Eventually, when I saw a neurologist I found out that the physical problems I was experiencing could be traced back to these childhood events. I was told there was nothing really to be done for me. I must simply live with it. There was no way I could continue the way. I was. I could have seizures one after another all day and night and I simply would not accept this was the way I had to live.

So finally, I looked into Reiki, I read a little about it and I started to receive distance Reiki, a lot of it! In fact I had an intensive course of daily Reiki for a fortnight. The results were immediate. During my first session, I felt tingling and heat so I knew something was happening and after that first evening session I slept all night without any seizures. I felt this was really a miracle. I had more Reiki and felt greedy for it, I just couldn’t get enough. My seizures started to dissipate over the course of several days, I still had some but they became isolated and over very quickly. Within the fortnight they had ceased completely. This was honestly so astonishing, if I could have shouted it from the rooftops I would have. I had literally been given my life back.

I was so enamoured of Reiki, and what it had done for me, that it was an easy decision to decide to learn Reiki (not least was the idea of receiving daily Reiki, from myself). Previous to this I had been a Beauty and Holistic Therapist and lecturer, and though I was no longer active in the industry, I had a really good grounding and experience of working in the field. I searched the internet for training and came up with a couple of Reiki master teachers, chose one and set to work.

During my training, I learned so much about Reiki and how it works at such a deep level, you are not even aware of everything that needs to be unravelled. It just happens, without pain, without trauma. You receive true healing on all levels: emotional, spiritual, physical and mental. I had results that would take years of talking therapy to achieve.

When I received my attunement, it’s really hard to describe the bliss that I experienced. Absolute pure love, acceptance, compassion. I could only describe it as being filled with the Holy Spirit. I felt deeply connected to something larger and infinite, something all powerful (something that many would describe as God). When I channel Reiki Healing to others, I do feel as though I am channeling the Holy Spirit. Reiki is a spiritual practice, honed and defined over many years of spiritual practice and study by its founder Mikao Usui (see my website page : The History of Reiki).

Knowing that Reiki was already a spiritual practice, knowing that I felt a deep connection to pure spirit, what difference could Angelic Reiki make for me, and for my clients? I was interested to find out more about the Angels and the Angelic Kingdom of Light. What little I knew about Angels was gleaned from brief mentions in The Bible, Angel Gabriel and the Annunciation, An Angel protecting Daniel in the Lion’s Den. I had heard of Guardian Angels but I wasn’t too sure if they were real. I had seen Angels in Art. So, fired by pure curiosity I embarked on my course.

I found that Angelic Reiki is based on Usui Reiki, the same sacred symbols are used to intend and deliver Reiki. I learned about individual Angels, what they can do and how they are sent to help anyone who calls on them. I learned that certain Angels have their own sacred symbols that can also be used during Reiki.

Angelic Reiki is a seated session, you invite the Angels in to heal your client. This is particularly useful to address a person’s spiritual needs. A use for Angelic Reiki may be if a client feels as though they have lost faith. It can be used for questions of faith, for those of no faith who want to have faith, you can use it to learn to pray, you can use it to help you meditate, you can use it for particular problems and intentions, It is also deeply healing. It is simply different to traditional Reiki, not better or worse. It lends itself well to being used in conjunction with a guided meditation or with crystal healing and as with all types of Reiki, it will only work for your highest good and will never harm you.

For me as a Reiki Master/Teacher it is another important step in my spiritual development and practice of Reiki. It is another tool in my bag. It is another aspect of healing that I can offer to clients.

Highest Reiki Blessings to you all x

About Me

Hi, I’m Annamarie.

Welcome to my blog. This will be about new things that are happening at Reiki Pure and Simple. It’s going to be an exciting few months with lots in store. Enjoy x

Welcome back to my second blog post.

In my previous post I was delighted to have the wonderful new treatment of Angelic Reiki to offer my clients. In this blog post I am absolutely over the moon to announce a new collaboration with The Psychic Tree. You can now book my services directly through The Psychic tree website https://www.thepsychictree.co.uk. The Psychic tree offer a wonderful array of Crystals as well a range of products from books and cards to incense. They have now also started to offer exciting collaborations with service providers such as myself.

Here at Reiki Pure & Simple, I am always looking for new and exciting ways to do do things. I will be offering distance Reiki, distance Angelic Reiki and distance guided Crystal meditations, you choose your favourite crystal and I will incorporate it into a guided meditation especially for you, all of these sessions will be via Zoom. I am so looking forward to welcoming new clients in this way. Of course you can still book your regular Distance Reiki healing sessions with me directly through my website, Facebook page, Instagram page or by phone, and all of my other in person treatments as usual.

I look forward to welcoming you for your treatment soon.

Highest Reiki Blessings,

Annamarie x

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